ApexLink Technologies


Apexlink provides consulting and outsourcing services in, but not limited to, the following areas:

We assist our customers with their research and technology development by providing advice and technical support. We work closely with customers to develop strategies and plans, and also execute the plans for them if requested. Our goal is to help them accomplish their mission in the most cost-effective way.
  • Information Technology

    Apexlink is specialized in development and maintenance of customized software systems for scientific applications, engineering design, and manufacturing process control. We combine our scientific and technical expertise with software skills to provide integral services for our customers. We are committed to strong after-sales support. We offer services in
    • Scientific and engineering software: Algorithm design, implementation and optimization. Mathematical computation and numerical simulation.
    • Web-based applications: database design, application development, and integration with database systems.
    • Mobile computing: Application software development for mobile devices.
  • Signal Processing and statistical analysis

    Signal processing and statistical analysis have broad applications in sensor measurement, data communications, artificial intelligence, and scientific and engineering data analysis. ApexLink has strong expertise in this discipline, characterized by original algorithm research and practical implementation based on real world data. Our experiences include:
    • Multiple-target tracking with both active and passive sonar.
    • Array processing algorithm development for underwater target detection and localization.
    • Cluster analysis and segmentation of patterns in images.
    • Neural Network applications.
    • Statistical data analysis and forecasting.
    • Time-series analysis.
  • Scientific research and applications

    Associates at ApexLink have a strong academic background, especially in the areas of ecological and ocean sciences. We are ready to assist our clients in the following focus areas, where we have years of experience and publication records:
    • Underwater and fisheries acoustics: we have very significant and broad experiences in this area. Our consulting services cover theoretical and numerical modeling, data processing, and development of measurement technologies and instruments.
    • Modelling of ocean surface waves and their impact on harbours and offshore engineering.
    • Computer simulation and modelling of ecological and environmental systems.
    • Spatial data processing: Optimal Interpolation or Kriging of 2-D data.
    • Optical Modeling: modeling optical transmission and reflection through thin-film materials and birefringent materials.

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